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Tool kit - 26 pencils and tools alike - The Second Life India Tool kit - 26 pencils and tools alike - The Second Life India
Rs. 850.00

These tool kits are hand-cut and made from discarded tyre tubes. These toolkits can be used for multiple types of tools and use cases like pencils, pens, hand tools of appropriate thicknesses. The kit can be rolled up and secured with an elastic that makes it easy to be carried around. The tyre tubes have a long life span and durability. These measure 30 cm X 20 cm in size.

The slots are of varies length to accommodate different thickness of tools. 

 Materials The upcycled discarded tyre tube
Recycled polyester felt
A wooden bead from waste wood
Discarded elastics from large scale factories
Process Hand-cleaned tyre tubes using soap and coconut oil
Lathe turned wooden bead from waste wood

* Please note that the tyre tube textures may vary based on available raw materials.

** Please note the pencils and tools in the image are only for reference on how to use it. The tool kit does not come with any tools/pencils.  

Rs. 100.00

This is an earphone holder or organizer to ease the tangle of your earphones. These are made from an old tyre tube by upcycling and repurposing the tube part of it.

Unlike many other designs one does not need to carry a box or a piece around separately. This organiser can be left on the earphones while in use or not.

Find a tutorial video at the link here. 

Materials Discarded tyre tube
Process Hand-cleaned tyre tubes die punched to needed shapes
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