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Rs. 3,800.00

A sustainable alternate material sling bag handmade using waste tyre tubes. 


Hand-cleaned Upcycled tyre tubes

Nylon threads

Metallic fixtures


The waste tyre tubes are cleaned in a hot water bath. In the second level cleaning, we use coconut oil to weaken the hard to wash debris on the tyre tube and scrub it out. Next tyre tube patterns are cut to size. 

After the final cutting, we stuck together with the pieces and prepare the bag pieces for manual hole punching. 

The hand stitching process begins and starts to bring out the end result. With few finishing processes of adding fixtures and preparing sling and handles the bag is ready for final cleaning and packing. 


22 X 15 X 3 centemetres / 8.6 X 5.9 X 1.2 inches


Average 350 grams 

** Please note that the texture and thickness of tyre tubes may vary based on available raw materials.
** Customisation is possible for orders above 50 pieces.

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