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Tool kit - 26 pencils and tools alike - The Second Life India Tool kit - 26 pencils and tools alike - The Second Life India
Rs. 850.00

Hand-cut from upcycled tyre tubes, the robust 30 cm X 20 cm kits offer an incredibly versatile way to store and organize a range of items, such as pencils, pens, and hand tools of suitable thickness. An elastic closure allows for easy transport and the durable tyre tubes guarantee long-lasting use.

The slots are of varies length to accommodate different thickness of tools. 

 Materials The elegantly upcycled discarded tyre tube, recycled polyester felt, a wood bead sourced from waste wood, and discarded elastics from grand factories - all come together to form the perfect sustainable accessory.
Process Hand-cleaned tyre tubes using soap and coconut oil
Lathe turned wooden bead from waste wood

* Please note that the tyre tube textures may vary based on available raw materials.

** Please note the pencils and tools in the image are only for reference on how to use it. The tool kit does not come with any tools/pencils.  

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