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The Second Life

A second chance for the unused, discarded & wasted

THE SECOND LIFE ® is an idea that is inspired by the interconnectivity of the three R’s ideology, reduce, reuse and recycle. In this materialistic economy, we need to know how much do we need rather than want, which is the first thought ‘reduce’. When the population and its needs are growing at lightning speed, we need to rethink the materials we design, make and use. Looking at the paper part of a newspaper and the plastic part of a plastic bag, we can either choose to reuse them or recycle them as much as possible, considering the processes and outcome, which are energy efficient, environmentally conscious, economically viable and socially innovative. The Second Life is an outcome of a conscious need to find sustainable business solutions. A case study, designing & developing sustainable alternates to various needs of a product based business. The design brief is created involving various start and end points.

The Second Life India


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