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The Second Life is an idea that is inspired from the interconnectivity of the three R’s ideology, reduce, reuse and recycle. In this materialistic economy we need to know how much do we need rather than want, which is the first thought ‘reduce’. When the population and it’s needs are growing at lightning speed, we need to rethink the materials we design, make and use. Looking at the paper part of a newspaper and the plastic part of a plastic bag, we can either choose to reuse them or recycle them as much as possible, considering the processes and outcome, which are energy efficient, environmentally conscious, economically viable and socially innovative.

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"The Second Life" is an inspired concept that stems from the interconnected principles of the three R's: reduce, reuse, and recycle. In our current materialistic economy, it is crucial to shift our focus towards understanding our actual needs rather than our wants, placing emphasis on the concept of "reduce." With the population and its demands rapidly expanding, it becomes necessary to reevaluate the materials we design, manufacture, and utilize.

When we examine the paper section of a newspaper or the plastic component of a plastic bag, we are presented with the choice to either reuse or recycle them to their maximum potential. Throughout this decision-making process, it is essential to consider energy efficiency, environmental consciousness, economic viability, social innovation, and cultural diversity. By incorporating these factors into our choices, we can ensure that the processes and outcomes align with our goals of sustainability and resource preservation.

"The Second Life" embraces the belief that our materials and resources can have an extended lifespan, benefiting both the environment and society. By rethinking our approach and adopting responsible practices, we can contribute to a more sustainable future. Let us prioritise the reduction of waste, the promotion of efficient resource utilisation, and the cultivation of innovation while embracing cultural diversity. Together, we can create a world that cherishes longevity, environmental consciousness, economic viability, social progress, and cultural richness.

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About the Founder

Raahul Khadaliya | Founder

Raahul is a designer, self taught photographer, systems thinker focused on sustainable practices in the city of Bangalore. On a mission to design sustainably, he utilises his training in communication & product design to develop eco-friendly and user-centric design solutions. ABCD - Raahul’s studio - explores sustainability through various mediums of design targeting social, environmental, cultural and economical aspects. The Second Life, a brand under ABCD, is an initiative to bring awareness about sustainability through simple day to day products, working with waste materials, their materiality and usability. This initiative is, also, a result of the conscious need for a milestone or case study of how businesses can adapt sustainable design and thinking.

Raahul, a by choice vegan, lives a very sustainable life involving social, ethical, environmental values and experimenting with them in his day to day life to find an alternate constantly. He lives in Indiranagar, Bangalore with his beautiful dogs.

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