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We’ve been questioned by many who visit us - why are sustainable products expensive? ☘️

After giving it a lot of research and exploration we decided to do it based on simple available option and human trust. We want everyday to a sustainable day and make choosing sustainable alternate easier for everyone, especially for the lower income groups.

If you think you fit into a lower income group, we’re here to help you make an easy switch. We are offering a range of discount codes on our website applicable on all our listed products.

The process is fairly simple - 
• Head on to our website - (link in bio)
• Pick your favorite products and add them to cart.
• As you checkout, select the discount code based on your spending capacity.

Based on our research offer is suitable for people making INR 65000 and less.
If you would like to pay more to support our intitiative there is an option to tip and that will go to the artisans.

All we ask is that you stay true to yourself while you choose a suitable code for you and trust you to not misuse it.  No cheating 😉

Give it a shot, share it with your friends, people who work for you in the house or in the office and do let us know what you experience in the exchange. We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Note - 
For now this is available only in India as we figure out international shipping.
Discount ranges from 5% to 60% in increments of 5. Use code - PEOPLEPLANET(discount%)


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