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Reusable Multifunction Planner / Travelogue - The Second Life India Reusable Multifunction Planner / Travelogue - The Second Life India
Rs. 950.00

These are the best companion to a sustainably vegan traveller to record their travel stories, explorations and itineraries along their journey. Handmade using upcycled tyre tubes, recycled felt covers, 100% recycled papers, discarded elastic and paper boards. They come in a variety of colours and are refillable. Available in 20 X 13 cms size. 

 Materials Discarded tyre tubes
Recycled polyester felt
Discarded elastic from factory waste
Leftover / one-sided paper boards from printing presses
Processes Hand-cleaned tyre tubes fused with recycled felt provide a flat surface for the covers
2 staple-bound notebooks 
A folder & an envelop made out discarded paper boards
In the book

The travelogue/ planner contain 1 reusable/refillable cover, 2 notebooks, a folder and an envelop. All reusable.

* Please note that the colours and tyre tube textures may vary based on available raw materials.

* Customisation is possible for corporate gifting and branding

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