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Make your own prints on paper and fabric

Block printing is a traditional print transferring technique used for fabric printing and enhancement across the globe in different formats. Block printing was one of the early printing techniques which used modularity and repetition to create scaled print works.

Block printing uses a wooden hand-carved block, natural dyes and cotton fabrics. The process is similar to stamping but with accuracy and planned repetition. A similar technique was used to create wallpapers, wall hangings, etc. in the global north.

The activity kit contains single colour printing elements. One can use this to print on papers and fabrics alike to create a variety of prints based on imagination.

Contents in the kit

3 Hand-carved wooden blocks
3 Colours for printing on paper/fabric Trays and Fabric felt swatches
2 MDF spatula
A fabric bag to print
2 Blank post cards to print on


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