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The Second Life is an idea that is inspired from the interconnectivity of the three R’s ideology, reduce, reuse and recycle. In this materialistic economy we need to know how much do we need rather than want, which is the first thought ‘reduce’. When the population and it’s needs are growing at lightning speed, we need to rethink the materials we design, make and use. Looking at the paper part of a newspaper and the plastic part of a plastic bag, we can either choose to reuse them or recycle them as much as possible, considering the processes and outcome, which are energy efficient, environmentally conscious, economically viable and socially innovative.

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We work in collboration with many producer NGO partners, small scale businesses and retailers. We keep an eye out for more partners with parallel thinking and mission goals to better the society by improving the quality of life for all. Below are our partners. 

If you, your organisation or an organisaiton you think will be best fit for us, please feel free to write to us at 

Hubli Hospital for the Handicapped, established in 1976, is aimed to provide uniform health care services to all in need, individuals, belonging to any financial, social, physical or disease status. HHH also has an inhouse rehabilitation and training unit for people with disability. They provide support for block printing, woodworks, garment stitching and stuffed toy making.
We have been associated with HHH since 2012 and have been printing our block printed papers with them since.

DIYA provides a smooth transition from school to work, work to life goals and life security. Through training, intellectually challenged adults are taken on a journey from self-awareness to expressing their self-worth, striving towards self-organization and finally self-actualization.

We have been engaging Diya since 2015 for a variety of products we need for our brands and our client's requirements.  

Sandesh is a Registered non-profit organization established in 2008 for people with Intellectual and developmental disabilities. We started working actively from 2010.

Sandesh means “Message”. We aim in spreading the Message of love and equality for all human beings- disregarding the abilities.

Sandesh has reached out to more than 200 families. Each of them has received hope and courage to face the life with dignity and smile.


Retail Partners

Rangoli illustrates the humanistic vision in which Patricia LAVOCAT, the Foundress, attempts to make “fight against exclusion” rhyme with “sustainable development”. 

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