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Paper lanterns - The Second Life India Paper lanterns - The Second Life India
Rs. 1,650.00

These intriguing pendant lights are handmade from leftover or discarded paper cardboards. We procure and segregate the papers found at a waste vendor or printing units for future designs and use. The papers are of good quality, strong and bright colours. Available in a variety of options. As these are made from leftover papers the availability is limited to a similar colour or paper type. 

The fixture that holds the pendant holder is made from old & discarded vinyl records (LP records). 


Hand-cut paper boards
Laser-cut vinyl records
4-watt filament LED bulb


Waste paper boards are cut to size and shape by hand using a standard template to have uniform paper boards

These paper boards are folded and stuck in a fanfold style to create the paper lantern. 



* LED filament bulbs available in warm white light and E27 bulb holder.

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